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Warlord Games Bolt Action Cromwell Cruiser Tank 28mm

The Cromwell was the best of the Cruiser tank models, a type that was built to be fast and well gunned to take the war
through the enemy line and dash forward to keep him on the run. Previous marks of Cruisers had proven to be either unreliable or poorly armed and armoured. The Cromwell was a good balance of firepower, armour and speed. Capable of 40mph, it was fast, and its armour was adequate for the period, if not well sloped.
It carried a 75mm gun and two heavy Besa machine guns giving it the same firepower as the more numerous Shermans.

This firepower was adequate for most tasks, but the Cromwell would have to rely on its speed and manoeuvrability to
outflank the larger German tanks and avoid a futile head-on duel. Cromwell troops sometimes had a 17-pounder armed
Sherman Firefly attached to them to keep the German big cats away!

The new kit comes with a full-colour waterslide decal sheet with many options in terms of the formation you can build –
British, Canadian and Polish units are included. Produced for us by scale modelling giants,
Italeri, the new Cromwell also includes an optional Culin Prong hedgerow cutter for those of you wanting to burst
through the Normandy bocage!
Easy to build yet retaining the high level detail you’d expect from ourselves and Italeri,
the new plastic Cromwell is ready to join your army now…
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Condition New