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The Army Painter Zombicide Zombie Toxic Prison and Survivor Paint Sets 2 sets


Both paint sets....Zombie Survivor and Toxic Prison

The Army Painter Warpaints Zombicide 
Survivor Paint Set

This special paint set is for the Zombicide Season 3 expansions: Rue Morgue & Angry Neighbors. It includes 6 paints; 3 brand new Warpaints tones – as well as 1 Quickshade Ink wash and the dark metallic Machinegun Metal. All the colour tones have been matched carefully to the artwork form the Zombicide Season 3 rules and books – combined with the first two Zombicide paint sets you have the perfect platform to bring your survivors to life.

Box Set Includes: 
Babe Blonde 
Light Denim 
Machine Gun Metal 
Combat Fatigues 
Survivor Skin 
Survivor Shade


The Army Painter Warpaints Zombicide Toxic/Prison Set

This special paintset is for the Zombicide expansions: Toxic Mall & Prison Outbreak. It includes 4 brand new Warpaints tones – as well as 2 Quickshade Ink washes. All the colour tones have been matched carefully to the artwork form the Zombicide rules and books – to give you the perfect looking horde of walking/running dead for your games! For those who love painting with Warpaints, this set will instantly expand your range with 2 New Inks and 4 new colours!

Box Set Includes: 
Boney Spikes 
Toxic Boils 
Scaly Hide 
Prison Jumpsuit 
Jumpsuit Shader 
Toxic Shader.

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