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Hot Wire Foam Factory Hot Wire Polystyrene EPS Cutter PRO BOW CUTTER 2 - 4FT

Cut Styrofoam and EPS Foam with Fast Clean Precision with the
Hot Wire Foam Factory
Bow Cutter
It's big! It's bad! Our 2' x 4' Compound Bow Cutter (actually a little wider than 2' and 4') will knock your block off! Our big, versatile bow cutter will get those unwieldy 4' by 8' blocks or sheets of foam knocked down to manageable sizes. Built for pros, it's fast and agile and built to last.
It's two, three, four bows in one! Cuts fast, wide, deep or both: configure it at 2' or 4' long by 6" or 18" deep.
•Changes direction of cut instantly and cleanly.
•Use it in the 4' mode to make your big cuts, then quickly switch it to the 2' mode for creative sculpting.
•Convenient switch is right on the tool.
•Thick round tough rubber coated tubing makes a firm comfy grip.
•Quickly collapses for shipping and storage.
Comes with four 2'+ and four 4'+ long life Hot Wire blades. Plus, we give you 3 snap-clamps for storage, or so you can turn this into a workbench cutter to accurately slice foam.
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Condition New