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Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Red Fairy Door 17362

The Fiddlehead Fairy Doors are whimsical, colourful and finely detailed. Each fairy door is designed to be used outdoors, but can of course be used perfectly well inside. The doors are made from resin and have a flat back so will fit snugly against skirting boards or fence posts. The design of each of our fairy doors is taken from those used on the houses so if you have a fairy house in your garden you can use the same door inside the house. As only fairies can open these doors, it means that the fairies are more likely to use them if they're the same door as on their house!

This little red fairy door is looking like it's going to be popular, judging by the interest! Rather like a Hobbit door, this little fairy door will enchant all ages and the fairies are sure to love it too. It's about 8cm tall with a stone step and wood effect door frame
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Condition New