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Chess Set Moulds Mould Prince August Wellington PA710

Pince August
Chess Set Moulds - Waterloo - Wellington
Battle of Waterloo Chess Set -Wellington
The Waterloo campaign of 1815 was without exception the most famous of the Nineteenth century. It was to culminate in the final overthrow of Napoleon Bonaparte and the end of twenty five years of warfare.
The set contains:
3 reusable moulds to make
a complete British Chess side.
Full casting instructions

To cast this set:
You will need 625g of casting metal (not included)
and if a beginner a accessory kit 2000 (not included)

Kit #709 makes the French side.
Size of pieces in mm
King 69
Queen 64
Bishop 69
Knight 60
Rook 68
Pawn 73

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Condition New