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Chess Set Moulds Mould Prince August Lionheart PA711

Pince August
Chess Set Moulds - Crusades: Richard the Lionheart
Crusades: Richard the Lionheart
Richard the Lionheart (1157-1199) and Saladin (1138-1193). The crusades began in 1095 with an appeal by Pope Urban II to free the Holy City of Jerusalem from Muslim hands, This effectively ended in 1204.
The set contains:
3 reusable moulds to make
a complete Crusader Chess side.
Full casting instructions

To cast this set:
You will need 1000g of casting metal (not included)
and if a beginner a accessory kit 2000 (not included)

Kit #712 completes the chess set.
Size of pieces in mm
King 62
Queen 61
Bishop 60
Knight 65
Rook 47
Pawn 54
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Condition New