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Wargame Terrain Scenery Procreate Terrain Putty

ProCreate Terrain Putty
Supplied by TerraScenicTools.co.uk
ProCreate Terrain Putty is an epoxy based, 1:1 mix ratio, light weight, non sag,
long worklife material formulated to build or mold original terrain features and to restore, rebuild
and reinforce existing terrain features. It can also be used in silicone molds as a mold making
material or for original sculpture. Terrain also exhibits excellent adhesion to wood, glass, metal,
concrete and some plastics. Terrain’s easy to mix formula contains no solvents and will not shrink
before, during or after cure. Terrain is very easy to mix with a spatula or the hands (use gloves).
After cure, it produces a hard and durable material that is very easy to sand, carve, drill or
machine. Cured Terrain is also paintable.
Resin Color: White
Hardener Color: Tan
Mixed Color: Light Tan
Mix Ratio by volume: 1:1
Shore D Hardness ASTM D2240: 55
Work Life, 8 fl. oz. mass @ 75oF/24oC: 2 to 3 hours
Full Cure (hours): 24 hours
Viscosity Resin and Hardener: Light Weight, non-sag Putty
Packaging – Two 8 fl.oz. (240 ml) jar each of Resin and Hardener.
Total volume per kit = 16 fl.oz. (480 ml)
Mixing Instructions: Mix equal parts Resin and Hardener. Mix with hands (gloves
recommended) or spatula.
Curing Information:
 Thin sections will cure more slowly
 Thicker sections will cure faster
 Heat will cure the Terrain faster (do not exceed 90oF/32oC)
 Colder temperatures (below 75oF/24oC) causes Terrain to cure slower
Features and Benefits:
 Dough like consistency makes Terrain Putty extremely easy to mix and use.
 Very easy to sand
 Can be drilled, filed and painted.
 Terrain Putty won’t chip, crack or break.
 Use ProCreate Terrain to make high quality, permanent terrain features!

Not suitable for small children

Price: £18.50

Wargame Terrain Scenery Procreate Terrain Putty

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